Apple Cider And Salted Caramel Coffee Cake

Apple Cider And Salted Caramel Coffee Cake


BBQ Dutch Oven Chicken And Potatoes Recipe


Appropriate amount of chicken breasts

About 1 KG fresh bacon

A jar of BBQ sauce

3 Medium Size potatoes

2 medium size onions

2 teaspoons butter

At least 2~3 bottles of 2L water


  1. At first we need to equip the Dutch oven by using some stones, stumps, even, we should consider the environment elements. because we are outside ,while it will become easier when you cook this food at home. And then we need to picked up some charcoal ,putting then below the oven. The toughest part  for us was getting our coals going well enough so we could actually cook the food. Though everything is worthwhile for us to wait.
  2. We need to grease the Dutch oven by using two tablespoons butter, when it up to proper temperature ,and then put the bacon into the oven, using the turner to stir it, changing into golden-yellow, and then we can put the chicken breasts down, let it stew slowly. Because it is hard to get cooked. Then we should put some pieces of onions which we  also had cut down before, and during the cooking process, the wonderful smell will spread far away around you rounds.
  3. Later , we can pull some prepared potatoes pieces to the Dutch oven and also some appropriate BBQ sauce, if you can eat spicy food you can change it into chilli sauce or you like to change it into sweet taste and then stewing it gradually.
  4. Finally, we just need to wait for about 25~35 minutes to cook for this one diet. Now, let’s enjoy this food with your friends or families.


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