Adorable Dutch Baby Recipes For Breakfast

Adorable Dutch Baby Recipes For Breakfast

Morning must be the busiest and most important time during the whole day. A good breakfast means a good start! However, delicious breakfast sometimes means difficult to make. Stay in bed for a while in weekday doesn’t mean we don’t have time to make a hearty and indulgent breakfast! Here I would like to share with you a few cast iron dessert recipes. They are all easy and tasty. All I want to say is that not all skillet recipes are difficult to cook and these recipes can also help you save a lot more time in the morning. You can try any one cast iron skillet dessert recipe I mentioned here, and I can assure you that you will never regret! These 5 cast iron dutch baby recipes can give your favorite breakfast a much healthier nutritional profile.


Simple Dutch Baby Puff Pancake

What should you choose to satisfy your appetite? That is it---simple Dutch baby puff pancake. It is super easy. You will see that: No flipping pancakes. No refilling the waffle maker. All you need to do is pour the batter and let it bake for few minutes. The fun part is deciding what to put on this Dutch Baby Puff Pancake. The options are varied. However, no matter what toppings you choose, this will provide an ideal breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning.


Puff Dutch Baby with Double Berry

It’s definitely a fun breakfast treat if you find that you have access to some wonderful fresh berries. This puff Dutch baby pancake is super easy to mix and bake, and the fluffiness and flavor make it an impressive breakfast dish. A few blueberries and raspberries can give the pancake extra color and flavor, and it's an excellent way to use fresh berries.


Dutch Baby for A Weekend Morning


No one wants to get up early on Saturday — that is, unless you can eat these beauties!These Dutch babies are pretty fabulous and they can be made in less than half an hour. Once you just have the batter ready and carefully pour it into the hot skillet, then scoop the batter to a hot pan   to get the kind of puffy edges we’re looking for. If you’re making the cranberry version, the batter will move the cranberries around as it floods the skillet. I usually just spread them out quickly with before putting the skillet back in the oven. You can make yourself a cup of coffee when enjoy these delicious babies.


Excellent Fluffy Pancake

What really surprised me is how tender and fluffy the texture turned out to be. This excellent fluffy pancake recipe is the best one! I must admit it, a world without fluffy pancakes would be bleak, and it can’t even worth living in. You love pancakes, don’t you? It’s okay, I do too. I like watching maple syrup drip off the edges of my pancake tower. And I fell that this process looks like some sort of sun-kissed waterfall.


Flavorful Blueberry Dutch Baby Skillet

The flavorful blueberry Dutch baby is lightly sweetened and satisfying as a breakfast option. This oven-baked pancake has the chewiness of crepes with the thickness of clafoutis.It’s so fast and easy to make, at the same time, you don’t have to stand at the stove to flip pancakes. Blueberries can do no wrong. But you can skip the blueberries and keep it plain, or try your favorite fresh berries. The berries are juicy and abundant ,they can burst in your mouth with every bite. And I used frozen berries for reasons detailed here, but fresh will of course work. You may need to shorten your baking time slightly. It’s amazing whatyou just usein this easy, flavorful, puffy pancake.

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