Dutch Oven Whole Chicken With Root Vegetables And Mushrooms

Dutch Oven Whole Chicken With Root Vegetables And Mushrooms


It’s a pleasure for me to be here in a very nice day to introduce you something delicious and tasty which you can easily try it by yourself . I know you are in great curious, so I’d love to tell you a easy way to cook: Dutch  Oven Recipes. some of your families may use the Dutch Oven frequently, but someone may not. Actually I think Dutch Oven is easy for us to cook, and I really like to use it to cook chicken. I like chicken, it could have many ways to cook ,and the Dutch Oven is a traditional way for us. Cook is a great way to enjoy life and feel relax, especially during the process of anticipation. we can not just think eating is a common daily thing. Delicious food bring us more than their bodies.  I prefer to suggest my readers to slow down their life speed and just enjoy a sweet meal. And let’s start our cooking journey. I would like to introduce this Dutch oven recipe.



Dutch Oven Whole Chicken With Root Vegetables And Mushrooms


1 Whole 4 Pound Organic Pastured Chicken
3 Medium Size Fresh Turnips
3 Medium Size Yukon Gold Potatoes
3 Medium Size Carrots
1/4 Pound Small Shitake Mushrooms
8 Cloves Garlic
6 Sprigs Thyme
3 Tablespoons Butter
4 Teaspoons Salt
3 Teaspoons Pepper


  1. The way that we prepare the essential ingredients is the preliminary for this chicken meal. I know that everyone may have deferent taste and eating habits. So it’s changeable for you to choose some vegetables which yourself love most. but remember that some food can not be put together or something will affect the great tasty flavor. So choose the ingredients which suitable for your food.
  2. First, I will preheat the oven to 350°, at the same time I will clean up these veggies, wash the turnips , potatoes and carrots and then cut then into massive and pieces. We need to grease the Dutch oven by using one tablespoon butter. When we cut the veggies and put them into the side of the Dutch oven, of course, the center should be look pretty well. Our big star is the chicken, so we require to daub salt and pepper on the dried chicken. Obviously, the chicken’s abdomen had bulged, this sis because I fill some fresh sprigs thyme inside. Next, we will put the chicken into the Dutch oven ,making it tightly presses with these veggies. Definitely, there should have a balance that all the food can be fully baked and cooked. Finally, add the spare butter atop the chicken, and let the mushrooms, garlic and remaining thyme situated around the all sides.
  3. So now we can use our Dutch oven to cook this meal after we add the lid to the oven. It will take 2 1/2 hours for me to cook. Then, you can receive a pot of delicious food ,the smell will spread all the space of your room, you appetite can be best than ever. But don’t worry, we should lay it aside for sometime. After that the chicken should be lay aside for 30 minutes under the uncovering situation.
  4. Besides, we need to remove the chicken for another 10 minutes before people can taste it, and then there is a shallow bowl will have some chicken and veggies and still some juices from the Dutch oven for people to eat. 


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I appreciate you so much!

Now,I guess that all of you guys has already learn something about this wonderful Dutch oven recipe, I believe that our readers can ' t wait to cook this chicken meal now. and I feel really happy and graceful if you can receive happiness from my passage and description. Though some of you just a fresh man in cooking food, you can remain acceptable to learn this chicken meal. Next time ,  I will introduce you guys how to make the best Dutch oven biscuits . This is also a kind of butch oven recipe that will Make you fell that life can be really  sweet. of course , many girls love sweet food ,making your life full of beautiful colors, so let's looking for the next time that I  will share my cook experience to you.


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