• Best Socca Pizza with Summer Squash and Feta

    Best Socca Pizza with Summer Squash and Feta
     Summer is a wonderful season for creating, though it is often awfully hot outside. During this period time, I tend to make something new in my lovely kitchen. Once I made the Socca pizza I show you here, I totally surprised at that time. What is Socca pizza? You may confuse because last time I don’t talk too much about this delicious fabulous pizza....
  • Sweet Fudge Pumpkin Brownies

    Sweet Fudge Pumpkin Brownies
    What you want to make for your dinner in a cold winter morning? Definitely dessert! I really like to bake cookies and cake for my family when we gather together and talk about work or school. These days I found pumpkin is the best ingredient to provide sweetness. Plus, it is much healthy than use sugar in the dessert. I use this healthy vegetable...

    Recently, I need comfort food to comfort myself. How about you guys? It’s getting colder outside and I think it is a good time to put some weight. Here I would like to share with you one of my beat taste Cast iron cornbread recipes. It is golden rosemary pecan cornbread. This rosemary pecan cornbread has a classic cornbread texture and flavor. All you need to do...
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